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Piano Tune Extras

This new digital book is an extension of Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens and features improv, chords, composition, familiar and original tunes in a new key center.

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Presenting our favorite motivating Piano Tunes, SonaTunes &
Dreary the Dragon Camps
including mp3 files for accompaniments.

Group Piano

Way Cool Keyboarding 4 Kids, Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens and Musical Moments for Adults are Group Piano Programs coauthored by Debra Perez and Will Baily

Dr. Will Baily, Piano Teacher and Composer

Will Baily, piano teacher and composer,

Will Baily

Piano Tunes

This site provides motivating Piano Tunes and sound files for you and your students. You can download and print the Free Tunes instantly and copy them as many times as you wish! The mp3 files provide accompaniments in a variety of styles.

Will Baily Piano Tunes

Hey there!


Will Baily

Dr. Baily holds degrees in elementary education, music theory & composition and piano performance & pedagogy. Will teaches popular music, video game music,
sacred music, Contemporary Christian and classical music. He also teaches theory and composition. Piano
Tune Extras is Will’s latest project. Preview is available on Piano Tune Extras page. Feel free to send a message, Email or Text.


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